Right now, the student unions are looking for students at Uppsala University for representative assignments in some of the Uppsala University central bodies.


Inga fasta besökstider. Då vi ofta är ute och träffar medlemmar och kontoret kan vara obemannat ber vi er boka tid för besök via e-post till uppland@unionen.se. Eller för en snabb kontakt - ring vår fackliga rådgivning på telefon 0770-870 870, alternativt Unionens växel på telefon 018-183 900.

The unions are  20 aug. 2017 — Uppsala is one of the best cities to be a student in Scandinavia and possibly Though Uppsala student union is the biggest and oldest student  Knutsson studied at Uppsala University and was involved with the student societies Stockholms nation and Uppsala Student Union, and many of the character  Uthgård is Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students' union house! Here you can have the campus' cheapest coffee™, study, go to the pub and hang​  The communal housing queue administered by Uppsala municipality. Uppsala Uppsala's 13 nations (student associations) own their own housing.

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In Stockholm you can only become a  Sweden opens its largest vaccination center. 2:57 min. Could vaccinate ten thousand per day. uppsala. Region Uppsala  Att köpa · För dig som är Företagare · Förtroendevald · Student · Anställd. slide 2 of 3.

If you have any questions about membership of the student union or other queries about the student union’s work, please visit www.rindi.com or phone the union office at +46 498 10 8490. Student Unions at Uppsala University

Kontaktuppgifter till student- och doktorandombuden: Mail: ombud@us.uu.se Telefon: 018 – 480 31 32 eller 018 - 480 31 10. För att träffa student- och doktorandombuden bokas tid via mail eller telefon. Bra att veta! Nations are exclusively for students, and you must be able to show your ID and your paid student union identification to get in.

Vacant residences are posted shortly and at any time of the month, usually on Mondays. As a member of a SLUSS-affiliated student union, you have priority in 

Nations are exclusively for students, and you must be able to show your ID and your paid student union identification to get in. The good thing about this is it gives the nations not only a special atmosphere (you will notice that there are no seedy old guys hanging around at the edge of the dancefloor for instance). For those students who aren’t eligible to apply for accommodation at Uppsala University Housing Office we recommend visiting Studentboet for more information about other housing options in Uppsala. The website is administered by the Student Union and contains information regarding various housing companies in the Uppsala region. Studenter sökes för att testa nya lärplattformar vid Uppsala Universitet 2017-06-16 12:42 Universitet upphandlar en ny lärplattform (Learning Management System, LMS).

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Vi vill skapa en trygg boendemiljö där alla kan träffas  Vi är Sveriges ledande fackförbund för samhällsvetare. Vi driver frågorna som är viktiga för dig – från utbildning och forskning till arbetsmarknad och  Lärarförbundet organiserar lärare i grundskola, förskola, fritidshem, gymnasium, vuxenutbildning samt skolledare, speciallärare/specialpedagoger och studie-  As an individual student you do not become a member of SSCO, but of the student union at your university/college. In Stockholm you can only become a  Sweden opens its largest vaccination center. 2:57 min.
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Har du inte möjlighet att hämta engångskoden i Uppsala eller Visby måste du kontakta universitetets servicedesk för hjälp: helpdesk.uu.se Om något skulle krångla med ditt studentkonto, vänd dig direkt till supporten på support@student.uu.se och inte till institutionen .

Uppsala Student Union offers a reception, where students can come for help and advice every weekday. In the Student Union Building there are public computers, printer, scannder, work spaces, we offer hand loans for students in urgent financial distress, a second-hand book shop for course literature together with a broad selection of information and reading material.
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As a student at Uppsala University you have the power to influence your studies and help to shape your learning environment. While you are here, we encourage you to get involved, get to know your fellow students and make your voice heard in the student body. Blog about your student life. Register for unions & nations. Find your campus

Join Uppsala Student Union. Hantering av personuppgifter.

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A student union is an organization for and by students. The student unions work to monitor and participate in the development of education and study conditions at Uppsala University. The most important task of the student unions is to ensure that you as a student receive a high quality education.

Students Campus Gotland. After you have completed your studies you should apply for a degree.